Is an RTX 3050 Refresh Happening? Insider Insights!

Since the generation’s Ray tracing allowed budget users to attain high FPS at excellent resolutions, the RTX 3050 was a milestone in budget, entry-level GPUs

According to their forum conversations, this new RTX 3050 may include 6GB of VRAM instead of 8GB

For a cheap GPU, the RTX 3050 features outstanding ray tracing and good FPS at decent resolutions

Having a 6GB version raises issues regarding performance and cost. It implies that Nvidia may be trying to make budget gaming cheaper

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 6GB refresh, with numerous important modifications from the 8GB iteration, is shaping up to be an interesting new cheap GPU

Expect the GA107-325-Kx SKU RTX 3050 6GB to use the PG173 SKU16 PCB. The 8GB variant has 2560 cores, whereas the 2048 model has 20% less

Core clock speed of the new RTX 3050 6GB should be 1470 MHz. The 6GB model may be more energy-efficient but less powerful than the 8GB model, which costs 17% lower

Because it draws 70–100W, certain GPU variants may not need external power, making them ideal for small or power-conscious installations