Kirin 9000SL vs 9000S Huawei’s Ultimate Power Battle!

There is another edition of the Kirin 9000S that is believed to power a more premium member of the Nova range, however it is allegedly a downgraded version named the Kirin 9000SL

The Kirin 8000 was previously revealed as another undisclosed SoC from Huawei that will be featured in the Nova 12 Pro

The fastest core of the Kirin 9000SL runs at 2.35GHz, which is less than that of the Kirin 9000S, although this chipset has more cores

Single TaiShan V120 core of the Kirin 9000S clocks in at 2.62GHz, whilst the two cores of the Kirin 9000SL operate at a lower frequency of 2.35GHz each

The Kirin 9000SL is expected to perform better multi-core than the Kirin 9000S due to its increased core count, yet they believe the difference may not be noticeable because of the little variations in clock speeds

Examining the picture closely for additional information, the new SoC is anticipated to be installed in the Nova 12 Ultra; however