Kirin 9010E In Pura 70 Series

The IT community has seen considerable debate following Huawei’s recent debut of the Pura 70 series

The flagship phone sports the new Kirin 9010E chipset, despite concerns that it may be a redesign. Let's dig further to comprehend Huawei's plan

In April 2024, Huawei launched the Kirin 9010, their flagship processor. After the Pura 70 series debuted in June 2024, the Kirin 9010E appeared

Huawei may be saving money with the Kirin 9010E, which uses the same core architecture as the Kirin 9010 but may have modest tweaks or a different production procedure

Huawei may pitch the Pura 70 series as an affordable flagship, emphasising design and camera technology and downplaying the processing boost

Huawei may try to highlight the Pura 70's cutting-edge camera system or display, but the Kirin 9010E should be enough for the target audience

Twelve-core Kirin 9010 CPU (2x 2.30 GHz high-performance cores, 6x 2.18 GHz performance cores, and 4x 1.55 GHz efficiency cores)

Eight-core CPU (Kirin 9010E): one 2.19 GHz high-performance core, three 2.18 GHz performance cores, and four 1.55 GHz efficiency cores