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Complex environment setup, lost productivity from competing setups, and a lack of scalability are often the bane of traditional, physical workstations

Microsoft Dev Box addresses these issues while maintaining centralized management and IT controls by giving developers self-service access to completed project-based workstations

GigaOm will examine the benchmark study Assessing Microsoft Dev Box Cloud-Based Developer Workstations, which was carried out by GigaOm, an independent research organization with extensive experience

GigaOm's early year performance configuration and field testing of Microsoft Dev Box capabilities, which included installing a new box, creating custom images, and using Microsoft Visual Studio caching, speaks for itself

Self-service, on-demand access to your own workstations with Microsoft Dev Box revolutionizes dev workstations

Microsoft Dev Box made developer typing seem like on a local workstation, even via hotspots and public Wi-Fi, and useable on poor internet connections

Microsoft Dev Box also benefits remote workers with poor or inconsistent internet by eliminating the need to download huge source files or development environments to their local device