Kubernetes Network Observability platform

They cordially urge the open-source community to collaborate with us on future innovations

They are eager to expand on this partnership and interact with more communities, as well as to strengthen their good community experience with eBPF and Cilium

Retina is a state-of-the-art solution that bridges these gaps by addressing the intricate problems associated with maintaining and sustaining Kubernetes networks

The usability and adaptability of existing open-source solutions are typically limited by their close coupling to certain CNIs, OSs, or data planes

The Kubernetes app model is completely integrated, providing pod-level data along with comprehensive context

They want to educate the larger cloud-native community about their expertise and ambition for Kubernetes networking observability by making Retina open-sourced

SecOps use casesRetina is an open-source, cloud-independent Kubernetes Network Observability platform that supports compliance, DevOps