Latest Samsung Odyssey G85SB Gaming Monitor Features

Samsung Odyssey G85SB Gaming Monitor, known for its OLED display, at an amazing price if you want the best gaming experience on a top-tier monitor

This monitor’s premium  QD-OLED panel combines quantum dot technology with OLED’s self-lit pixels to improve color fidelity

Neo Quantum Processor is a powerful processor that enhances every frame and incorporates gaming tools like Gaming Hub, Core Sync, and Core Lighting+

DisplayHDR True Black 400: The monitor’s 10-bit color depth, wide color spectrum, and HDR true black levels

AMD Free Sync Premium Pro syncs monitor refresh rate with GPU to prevent screen tearing

175 Hz Refresh Rate: Suitable for fast-paced gaming, with a maximum frame rate of 175 frames per second

Enhance your gaming experience by coordinating the lighting on your monitor with the sounds and graphics of your games with Core Sync and Core Lighting+