Lead Innovation with Qualcomm RB3 Gen 2 Platform

The RB3 Gen 2 boasts a 10x boost in on-device AI processing, support for triple 8MP+ camera sensors, computer vision, and integrated Wi-Fi 6E

A vast array of goods, such as different kinds of robots, drones, industrial handheld devices, industrial and linked cameras

This platform allows downloadable software upgrades to streamline application development, integration, and the creation of prototypes and proof-of-concepts

This enables an out-of-the-box optimized experience for a range of widely used AI models that are used in embedded and Internet of Things applications

All of the platform’s processing cores, subsystems, and components are supported by the Qualcomm Linux software stack

Qualcomm Technologies is set to launch an industrial grade platform, building on its extensive range of IOT solutions

Their tried-and-true solutions revolutionize important sectors, and their Snapdragon branded platforms provide outstanding customer experiences