Learn About Dimensity 9400

MediaTek has set the scene with the introduction of the Dimensity 9400, signaling to its competitors that it is back in the high-end Android smartphone market and ready to cause a stir

The company's flagship chip may have been purchased by Vivo, who wants a first crack. The Taiwanese company works with all phone manufacturers except Google and Apple

The Dimensity 9300 sold $1 billion, and MediaTek intends to continue its supremacy in the high-end Android phone market with the 9400

Undoubtedly, MediaTek hopes to build on this success when the Dimensity 9400 launches in the second half of 2024

MediaTek could have made a respectable concession to Vivo based on the first volume

A recent study found a 20% performance gain between the Dimensity 9400 and Dimensity 9300

Unfortunately, the Dimensity 9400’s Cortex-X5 is said to overheat and perform poorly

MediaTek’s next flagship chipset is said to arrive without any efficiency cores, adopting a strategy like to that of the Dimensity 9300