Lenovo Legion Go Lite Highlights

Lenovo is apparently going to launch the Legion Go Lite, a new mobile gaming device

The ROG Ally X, as Asus newest gaming handheld, is very certain to be unveiled at Computex 2024

Windows Central insiders say Lenovo Legion Go Lite is coming. Like the ROG Ally X, it will update the non-Lite version

The current Legion Go is slightly more expensive than the non-Extreme AMD Ryzen Z1 Asus ROG Ally, starting at $699.99

The Legion Go Lite's “Lite” name called attention to its main selling point: price. This suggests a smaller, weaker device than the Legion Go

There’s an 8.8-inch display on the Legion Go. The screen on the Lite variant may be a little bit smaller, which makes it more portable and small

The Legion Go Lite’s success will probably depend on finding the ideal balance between cost and functionality