Logic Pro for iPad 2

Logic Pro for iPad 2, which will be available on Monday, May 13, ensures that musicians retain complete creative freedom

New iPad Pro satisfies Apple’s energy efficiency standards and is mercury-, PVC-, and brominated flame retardant-free

Session Players improve live performance and give musicians full control over songwriting

In order to get fresh ideas, users can select from 100 Bass Player loops or play along with chord progressions

Users can specify and modify a song’s chord progressions using Chord Track, and the virtual bass player will play along flawlessly

Studio Bass plug-in can access six newly recorded instruments, ranging from electric to acoustic

Stem Splitter lets artists find inspiration in any audio source and split practically any mixed audio file into four portions

With five distinct saturation styles, users may customise the exact tone to give any track an ultrarealistic punch, warmth, and presence

The App Store offers Logic Pro for iPad 2 as a subscription service: – Subscription cost each month: $4.99 (USD) – Subscription cost: $49 (USD) annually

Logic Pro Free trail To try it out before committing, there is also a free trial that lasts for one month