MediaTek Dimensity 7300X

Dimensity 7300X, which provide next-generation performance for seamless multitasking, remarkable battery life, and amazing displays.

4nm-class CPU promises seamless multitasking, transcendent captures, superior performance, and improved AI-enhanced computing

MediaTek Imagiq 950 offers a top-tier 12-bit HDR-ISP that supports a 200MP primary camera

MediaTek MiraVision 955 supports flip phones with two displays and a WFHD+ primary display with 10-bit true colour

MediaTek HyperEngine optimisations enable the Dimensity 7300X to accelerate gaming with up to 20% more frames per second and improve energy efficiency by up to 20%

MediaTek Lightning Connect twice the speed at which Bluetooth connections can be made, enabling quicker than ever device connections

The MediaTek NPU 655 doubles AI work efficiency and supports new mixed precision data types

MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0+ saves 13–30% more power than comparable options using R16 power savings breakthroughs and internal optimisations

Customers have more options and superior voice and video call quality with dual 5G SIM and dual VoNR