MediaTek Research Breeze-7B model(MR Breeze-7B)

Excellent processing skills for both Traditional Chinese and English are shown by MR Breeze-7B

It is even on par with GPT-3.5 in terms of Traditional Chinese knowledge, which makes it one of the few models in the most recent 7B language model category

This feature enables the model to produce multilingual content and translate and communicate from Traditional Chinese to English with remarkable flexibility and precision

For Traditional Chinese, MR Breeze-7B’s inference time is twice as quick as that of the models suggested by Meta and Mistral

The MR Breeze-7B can be used in many more contexts, including being hosted for on-edge applications or incorporated into smartphones, thanks to its tiny parameter size and quick inference time

Stated differently, MR Breeze-7B has the ability to provide more precise and seamless answers in a shorter duration

Applications requiring real-time language processing, such intelligent customer service conversation systems, instant translation, and other interactive platforms requiring prompt replies

Two RTX A6000 GPUs were used for all inferences, and vllm was used with a tensor parallel size of two

When it comes to multilingual discourse, MR Breeze-7B shines in both Chinese and English