MediaTek T830:5G FWA CPE devices

Strong Sub-6GHz R16 Platform for Mobile Hotspot CPE Devices and 5G Fixed Wireless Access

The next-generation router and modem from MediaTek are combined into one device in the new Verizon Business Internet Gateway

MediaTek T830 5G chipset, which has 3GPP Release 16 capabilities, 4CC 300MHz 5G modem capability, and 5G speeds up to 7Gbps in addition to Wi-Fi 7

5G modem with sub-6GHz connection, and choices for Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 are all features of the high-end CPE platform, MediaTek T830

MediaTek T830 offers operators 5G speeds of up to 7Gbps, surpassing the capabilities of the majority of fixed line services

The all-inclusive MediaTek T830 platform offers time-to-market benefits and lowers development costs for OEMs and ODMs

The primary SoC of the MediaTek T830 platform comprises a 4G/5G modem, together with FR1 transceivers, GNSS receivers, and PMICs

MediaTek-designed Network Processing Unit (NPU) with hardware QoS acceleration, and a Tunneling Offload Engine for VLAN, PPTP, L2TP, and GRE are all included in the T830 SoC

MediaTek 5G FWA systems are offered with either sub-6GHz or a mix of sub-6 + mmWave connection