Memory Leakage in AMD Zen 3 & Zen 2 CPUs

The AMD advises users to proceed with caution while using relatively older systems with AMD Zen 3 and AMD Zen 2 CPUs

The contents of your DRAM are impacted by this breach because it may cause an electric leak in memory cells

AMD is still evaluating the researchers’ assertion that they have successfully demonstrated Rowhammer bit flips on a DDR5 chip

Memory controllers made by AMD microprocessor products are made to adhere to DDR criteria that are accepted in the industry

Rowhammer attack susceptibility varies according to the type of DRAM device, vendor, technology, and configuration of the system

AMD advises getting in touch with the maker of your DRAM or system to find out if you’re susceptible to this new Rowhammer variation

Utilizing memory controllers for AMD CPUs that enable a Maximum Activate Count