Meta Llama 3 in Amazon Bedrock: Developer Tools

AWs is pleased to announce that Meta’s Llama 3 models are now generally available on Amazon Bedrock

The latest Llama 3 models offer superior reasoning, code generation, and instruction, making them the most suitable for a wide variety of use scenarios

The model performs exceptionally well in sentiment analysis, language translation, text classification, and summarization

Llama 3 70B is perfect for research development, enterprise applications, language understanding, conversational AI, and content production

The model performs exceptionally well in language modelling, dialogue systems, text categorization and nuance, sentiment analysis and nuance reasoning

The first publicly available cloud service to provide a fully managed API for Llama, Meta’s next-generation large language model (LLM), is Amazon Bedrock

The collaboration between Meta and Amazon is an example of group innovation in generative AI