Metaphor ReFantazio: Visit Euchronia’s Unique Fantasy World

Many of its game play elements are borrowed from well-known Atlus role-playing games, including turn-based combat that involves taking advantage of enemy weaknesses

Metaphor ReFantazio takes place in the medieval fantasy United Kingdom of Euchronia, a “mirror” to modern life

These ultimately set the scenario for a global tournament to determine who would succeed the throne

The primary character is a youngster from the Elda tribe who has been shunned by society at large for being “tainted” by the inheritance of prohibited magic and is thus frequently the target of prejudice and discrimination

The main cast of characters includes Strohl, a horned nobleman from the Clemar tribe who first encounters the protagonist at the State Army recruitment centre Hulkenberg

Atlus was hiring locally at this time to add programmers, planners, and designers to the team working on the game

Hashino posted a new developer message online to go along with the teaser, stating that the team was “very much in the middle of development