Micron 2500 SSD: QLC NAND M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 4 SSD

The first 232-layer QLC NAND in a client SSD is only offered by Micron and offers the highest density and layer count in the market

The Micron 2500, a top-tier QLC SSD, outperforms TLC- and QLC-based SSDs from competitors in sequential and random read/write performance

The first company to supply OEMs with SSDs made of QLC NAND with the highest density and layer count is Micron

The Micron 2500 SSD is engineered to optimize your productivity by providing the finest user experience possible for the daily applications you utilize

The Micron 2500 SSD offers the greatest user experience among its competitors’ TLC and QLC NAND-based SSDs

It outperforms competitors in terms of overall performance, regardless of whether they utilise TLC or QLC NAND

Micron 2500 SSD accelerates daily workloads with a 2,400 MT/s ONFI speed, contributing to the development of best-in-class SSD performance for OEM PCs