Micron CZ120 Improves AI and HPC Performance

Supermicro and Micron have been working together on the next generation of Petascale platforms

Micron's CZ120 memory expansion module boosts bandwidth and memory capacity, making mission-critical workloads faster and more efficient

A Petascale server can have up to 1TB of additional memory added to it with four CZ120 256GB modules

A single CZ120 module can add up to 36GB/s of additional data transfer capacity, which is comparable to a DDR5 RDIMM running at 4800MT/s

Using the most recent AI instruction sets and CPU-only inferencing techniques

Compared to DDR5 RDIMMs, the 128GB and 256GB CZ120 modules considerably increase memory pool

A major step towards the broader use of CXL technology in data centres is the CZ120