Micron SSD: Dell PowerEdge Server Gen5 NVMe SSDs

Micron presented its industry-leading research on AI training model offload to NVMe, collaborating with teams at Dell and NVIDIA

The standard procedure for training huge models whose sizes are increasing quickly is to use as much HBM as possible on the GPU

The cost of parallelizing training over numerous servers is high since data must travel over system and network links, which can quickly become bottlenecks

It transfers the data and control routes to the GPU by replacing and streamlining the Gen5 NVMe SSD driver

The benchmark’s feature aggregation component, which depends on storage performance, shows that performance improvement

Micron aimed to demonstrate at GTC how successfully their future Gen5 NVMe SSD performed AI model offload

Its execution duration accounts for 80% of the whole runtime, and it improves by twice between Gen4 and Gen5 NVMe SSD