Microsoft and MongoDB Cloud Services

Microsoft must remember that data fuels AI as Microsoft enter the AI era. This explains why Microsoft want Azure to be the best data destination

Microsoft are proud of their collaboration to offer Azure a wonderful place to run MongoDB Atlas

The popularity of the MongoDB Atlas on Azure pay-as-you-go self-service has made MongoDB one of our top Azure Marketplace partners in the previous six months

Microsoft worked with MongoDB to help their customers do more with Microsoft services and MongoDB Atlas on Azure

At Ignite, MongoDB revealed Semantic Kernel native support for Atlas Vector Search. Customers may integrate operational data and vectors in a single, managed platform with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search

Microsoft worked with MongoDB to make it easy for developers, data engineers, and data scientists to connect MongoDB data to Microsoft services

MongoDB integrates with many Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform (MIDP) services, such as Azure Synapse Analytics for operational data analysis, Microsoft Purview for data security