Microsoft Edge Beta’s New RAM Limiter

You have refined control over the amount of memory that Edge consumes with the RAM limiter

RAM limitations might prevent Edge from wasting memory if you have many browser windows open and other demanding activities

For computers with 4GB or 8GB of RAM, the RAM limiter can prevent Edge from slowing down the whole computer

It is possible to improve the performance of your system by limiting the amount of memory that Edge uses

If the memory in Edge is depleted, it is possible that it will crash just like any other software

Access the RAM limiter by looking for the small heart icon that is located in the toolbar of Edge

The section for controlling resources may be found in the Browser Essentials panel, where you can also set the limit

If you choose a very low RAM limit, Edge may not be able to cache frequently viewed pages and data

The RAM constraint may not affect newer systems if your machine has 16 GB or more RAM

The RAM restriction in the Microsoft Edge Beta gives users additional control over resource use