Microsoft unveils AMD AI and Cobalt 100 CPUs

The Azure cloud computing service will be used to sell the AMD artificial intelligence chip cluster

Microsoft's cloud computing business provides Maia, its AI processor, and Nvidia's finest AI chip

Microsoft's Cobalt 100 processor, on show next week, will outperform Arm Holdings' technology-based processor by 40%

Microsoft created the 128-core Arm-based Cobalt 100 processor specifically for use in its Azure cloud computing service

Based on Arm’s Neoverse N2 cores and Armv9 architecture, it is the first iteration of a new line of processors from Microsoft

AMD’s MI300X AI chips will be integrated by Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, providing a substitute for Nvidia’s highly sought-after H100 GPUs

AI models demand large amounts of data and processing power, training them and running applications frequently call for the utilisation of several GPUs

AMD reportedly predicted that this year would bring in $4 billion in sales from AI chips

Apart from Nvidia’s premium AI processors, Microsoft’s cloud computing division already makes its proprietary AI chips, dubbed Maia, available