Mistral Small

Release dates are set for Mistral AI API versions. Use obsolete Mistral AI APIs to avoid breaking changes and model updates

Currently,  open-mistral-7b points to  mistral-tiny-2312. It was formerly known as mistral-tiny, but that name will soon be obsolete

Currently, open-mixtral-8x7b points to mistral-small-2312. It was formerly known as mistral-small, but that name will soon be obsolete

Mistral AI will examine several things to think about and provide advice on selecting the best model for your particular requirements

Mistral Small powers simple tasks that can be completed in large quantities, such as text generation, customer support, and classification

Amazon Bedrock now offers the Mistral Small foundation model (FM) from Mistral AI on a broad basis

The extremely effective large language model (LLM) Mistral Small was created by Mistral AI and is tailored for high-volume, low-latency language-based applications