MongoDB Atlas AWS for Scalable, Secure Apps

The vector type of the field containing the vector data must be specified in the index specification

With a developer data platform that assists in resolving your data difficulties, you can build more quickly and intelligently

The whole AWS platform, including full-text search, analytics, and visualisations, can instantaneously access data stored in Atlas

Whether traffic triples or new features are added, don’t stop your apps from operating

To assist you in rapidly developing reliable new AI experiences, MongoDB Atlas interacts with essential AWS services

Use Atlas Device Sync to transform your mobile app development process

Free Tier: Best for small production, testing, and development workloads. It has 50 writes, 100 million reads, and 512MB monthly storage.

Shared Cluster: This plan, which costs $9 per month, is best suited for individual projects or applications with little traffic

Serverless: This tier is a suitable choice for apps with irregular or fluctuating traffic because it costs $0.10 per million reads

Dedicated Cluster: This tier, which begins at $57 per month (calculated based on $0.08 per hour), provides the greatest control and scalability