MPG EZ120 ARGB lighting effects

MSI will explain to you how to pair your preferred fan hub with the MPG EZ120 ARGB 3pcs/pack lighting effects

The maximum fans can handle up to 6 fans for a single port and 18 fans for a single hub at once due to power constraints

First, attach the hub to the motherboard and all of the MPG EZ120 ARGB fans in your PC construction to the hub

The hub can be connected to the motherboard using fan cables or the JAF or ARGB connectors that are specific to MSI

Some motherboards from the MSI Z790 MAX series come with the special JAF pin header

Download the Mystic Light utility from feature sets after downloading MSI Centre from its product page

With MPG EZ120 ARGB, you may design your own unique style or synchronise light effects with the motherboard

Its nine-blade design allows for constant cooling of your rig with a maximum air pressure of 2.56 mmH2O and a maximum airflow of 73.82 CFM

The hub can accommodate up to 18 MPG EZ120 ARGB fans and has four expansion connectors