MSI Claw Facilitates Game Mastery

MSI Claw is compatible with a variety of gaming platforms, including EPIC, XBOX, Ubisoft, Steam, and more

Initially, they will install games, such those made by Ubisoft. Select “Ubisoft” under “Gaming Platform.” It will direct you to Ubisoft’s website if you don’t have the program installed

Press the second button to the right of the Claw to bring up the “Quick Settings” button, then choose “Keyboard” if the on-screen keyboard does not appear instantly

In the event that the games you downloaded are not visible, you may import the games automatically by selecting “Game Library” and then “Scan” in the upper right corner

Certain games may not be compatible with the hall effect analog sticks for certain players since the sticks were not considered in the game design

You may access the MSI Center M site, select the “Quick Setting Editor,” hit the “+” symbol, and add the “Control Mode” item if you press the “Quick Setting” button without seeing the Control Mode option

With its potent hardware, which includes an Intel Core Ultra CPU, Intel XeSS technology, and 16GB of RAM, you may play your favorite PC games

Capable of handling even the most demanding games at maximum settings, the MSI Claw is a powerful mobile gaming PC