MSI Cubi N Series Mini PC

A Red Dot Design 2024 Award announcement given by MSI for the new Cubi NUC Series Mini PC

Three variants of the MSI Cubi N Series the Cubi NUC 1M, the Cubi NUC 1MG, and the MSI Cubi NUC 13MQG are easy for use

Thunderbolt 4 and Power Delivery enable fast networking and charging on the MSI Cubi NUC

A four-display functionality, together with two HDMI ports and two Thunderbolt connections, is included in the MSI Cubi NUC

The MSI Cubi NUC 13MQG features the vPro technology, which offers a more streamlined user experience

With a chassis that is 0.826 litres in capacity, the MSI Cubi N is an excellent choice for locations that have restricted space

The Cubi NUC Series VESA Mountable design improves home and office space management