MSI MEG X670E GODLIKE Super Motherboard, Ready for Glory

The newest DDR5 memory is available on MSI motherboards, MEG X670E GODLIKE which also have specially designed layouts for unleashing maximum performance

The desktop AMD Ryzen 8000 & 7000 Series processors, built on 5nm architecture, offer remarkable increases in speed and connectivity

The Ryzen 8000 & 7000 Series offers excellent expandability and supports PCIe 5.0 and the newest DDR5 memory

The MEG X670E GODLIKE has a massive, black heatsink with a dark mirror and a time-carved design in pale gold illumination

The MEG X670E GODLIKE, equipped with the newest technology, high-speed gearbox, ultra-performance, and the industry’s first M-Vision Dashboard

The unidirectional transfer bandwidth of an x16 interface can reach 128GB/s using the newest and fastest PCI-e data transfer technology

Gamers don’t need to worry about temperature issues because to the flagship and distinctive cooling solution