MSI MS-C903 Intel Tiger Lake-UP3 AI PC Box

MSI, a technological pioneer, unveiled the MS-C903, a versatile embedded system designed for robotics, automation, gaming, transportation, and medical

Consistent power supply is ensured by its wide voltage DC input (12~24V) and overvoltage and overcurrent protection (OCP and OVP)

Hardware monitoring using an Infineon TPM Controller (SLB9670VQ2.0/FW7.85) and a 256-level watchdog timer are two examples of enhanced security capabilities

The Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake-UP3 Embedded/Industrial SKU Series and several I/O ports boost its performance, making it ideal for many applications

Dual display support, audio, USB, serial, GPIO, CANbus, and two RJ-45 ports allow the MS-C903 to communicate smoothly for many applications

Smart city, smart factory, and AIoT gateway applications can benefit greatly from the flexibility that the AI Box PC provides to machine builders and system integrators in building systems

Applications like gaming, automation, robotics, medical, transportation (compatible with IEC 61373), and gaming (supporting LAN and USB connectivity) are all well suited for the MS-C903


Reputed for its quality and stability, MSI is one of the top 3 motherboard manufacturers in the world, having designed and manufactured motherboards for more than 30 years