MSI Raider 18 HX Gamining Laptop

With the ground-breaking MSI Raider 18 HX A14V, you can ride high and create a captivating display in your gaming area

Enter the gaming powerhouse Intel Core i9 CPU 14900HX to elevate your gaming experience

It's very efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture powers them, offering revolutionary improvements in AI-powered visuals and performance

MSI AI Engine can recognise user situations and automatically modify hardware settings

CPU and GPU performance when intense workloads demand all available CPU and GPU resources are provided by MSI OverBoost Ultra technology

Savour the rich colour spectrum and exceptional performance of DisplayHDR 1000

Four DDR5 memory slots allow for up to 192GB of expansion and two M RAM slots in the MSI Raider 18 HX

The MSI Raider 18 HX A14V’s precise cost is determined on the configuration you choose, especially the graphics card