MSI Thin 15 B13V Gaming Laptop

There are lots of surprises to discover in MSI Thin 15 B13V , and it’s possible for everyone to take advantage of its charm at any time or place

Despite being a gaming device, the MSI Thin 15 B13V is only 21.7mm ultra-thin and has all the I/O ports you could possibly need in such a small package

A brand-new blue backlit gamer-designed keyboard with the first-ever translucent WASD keys on the Thin series is featured on the Thin 15

As Thin 15 and DTS collaborate for the first time, you will experience an unmatched audio journey while being surrounded by a rich, immersive soundscape

They showcase not just games on MSI Thin 15 B13V, but also highly fashionable AI technology

With MSI AI Artist, you can generate images directly on MSI Thin 15 B13V and wave goodbye to brainstorming fatigue

Thin 15‘s MSI AI Engine can recognize user scenarios and automatically modify hardware settings to maximize performance