MSI’s Exclusive GX MSI Edition with Opera GX at CES 2024!

A playable live wallpaper game with the company mascot Lucky the Dragon is part of the fully configurable MSI Mod, an immersive co-branded browser experience created by MSI and Opera GX

The most popular PC gaming hardware company in the world, MSI, has teamed up with Opera GX, the gamer’s browser, to provide enthusiasts of both companies

GX MSI Edition, a unique co-branded variant of the Opera GX gaming browser with interactive backdrops, music, noises, and content that are specifically focused around the MSI

With features like CPU, RAM, and network limiters, hundreds of customization possibilities through GX Mods, and smooth connection with well-known platforms like Discord and Twitch, the GX MSI Edition

Additionally, an animated depiction of MSI’s brand mascot, Lucky the Dragon, in his cave, is included in the GX MSI Edition

Users can assist Lucky in developing from an egg to a fully formed dragon thanks to the feature that turns your browser into an interactive game, which was created using Live Wallpapers