Must-Try iPhone Security Features to Ensure Intimacy

Many safety measures are integrated into the iPhone to help keep you secure. As New Year’s Eve parties draw near, it might be a good idea to review what your iPhone Security settings you can activate

Before stealing an iPhone Security earlier this year, there were tales of thieves spying on the passcode of the victim, which allowed them access to banking accounts, iCloud Keychain passwords, Find My, and other passwords

Changing an Apple ID password, an iPhone Security passcode, disabling Face ID/Touch ID, and turning off Find My iPhone all require authentication and an hour-long waiting period

The iOS 17.3 public beta must be downloaded and installed by following the instructions on Apple’s beta software page

With the Find My app, you can also grant a reliable friend or family member access to your whereabouts. Select the People tab from ‌Find My‌, then hit Share My Location

Your name, age, allergies, and emergency contacts are all easily visible to others with this easy method, and the info is viewable even while your iPhone Security is closed

You can use the Emergency Reset option in an emergency, but you should touch on Manage Sharing & Access to give it a check-up

For extra easy calling, push the side button five times. SOS settings can be changed under Settings > Emergency SOS

Crash Detection –  Alerts local emergency services. Defaults to on, but check Settings > Emergency SOS > Call After Severe Crash