NeuroPace Improves iEEG Analysis with AlloyDB Omni

Mountain View-based NeuroPace, Inc. makes the FDA-approved RNS System responsive neurostimulator device for people with refractory focal onset epilepsy

Almost 5,000 patients have provided over 16 million iEEG files to date

Determining efficient stimulation patterns for the reduction of seizures is a primary research objective at NeuroPace

Physicians can swiftly identify similar patient profiles based on chosen iEEG files if large-scale iEEG data is searched for similar brain activity patterns

Using embedding models to turn iEEG data into vectors, the NeuroPace  AI team and Google Cloud developers carried out a proof-of-concept study

The vector data was then stored in a vector database called AlloyDB for PostgresQL

Google Cloud handled almost 1.2 million iEEG files from 414 clinical trial participants in this proof-of-concept project