NeuroPace's iEEG Seizure Search and Similarity

NeuroPace, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for epileptics by minimising or curing their seizures

AI team at NeuroPace created electrographic seizure classifier models, which were then refined through transfer learning to determine seizure onset times

ML training capabilities of NeuroPace have been greatly enhanced and expedited using Google Cloud’s technology

NeuroPace used AlloyDB AI's vector search to detect comparable iEEG patterns in over 1 million time-series iEEG records

Data from NeuroPace RNS System may assist customise and optimise epileptic therapies by revealing seizure patterns and triggers

Create vector embeddings from within your database and execute vector queries up to 10 times faster than regular PostgreSQL

When running vector queries, AlloyDB AI can outperform regular PostgreSQL by up to ten times