New DaVinci Resolve 19 Tools

DaVinci Resolve, which integrates editing, colour correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post processing!

It implies that you can use original, high-quality photos straight out of the camera throughout the whole procedure

Speed is increased by two times thanks to the app’s complete optimisation for NVIDIA TensorRT deep learning inference software

Two new AI technologies that improve the efficiency of video editing are included in DaVinci Resolve 19

UltraNR, which employs AI for spatial noise reduction, and IntelliTrack, an AI point tracker for object tracking, stabilisation, and audio panning

With over 100 feature updates, DaVinci Resolve 19 offers strong new DaVinci Neural Engine AI tools!

With the help of the ColorSlice six vector palette and the new film look creation effect, colorists may create rich tones reminiscent of photometric film processes

The IntelliTrack AI in Fairlight can be used to automatically pan audio and track motion

The Apple M series supports the DaVinci Neural Engine, which powers several of the software's most powerful capabilities

Customers may enjoy HDR on compatible monitors, including laptops, thanks to the inclusion of the most recent version of Dolby Vision

Stabilising video while editing is simple with IntelliTrack AI. It can also be used to track subjects on screen and automatically produce audio panning

AI audio panning to video lets editors control the voice positions of several characters in a scene