New EM680 Mini PC Offers Mobility and Capability

The EM680 Mini PC is a technological marvel that combines portability and performance in a single unit. Its small size of 1/4 liters makes it only 1/120 of the volume of a normal desktop computer

The EM680 Mini PC is equipped with an 8-core AMD processor, which guarantees that it is not only compact in size but also very capable

Adding a fast M.2 2230 PCIe4.0 SSD boosts the performance of the EM680 Mini PC even further. Enjoy the efficiency and speed of this state-of-the-art storage solution and wave goodbye to latency and long load times

The EM680 Mini PC COLD WAVE 2.0 Thermal System, an advanced cooling framework that extends its cooling capabilities to the CPU, memory, and SSD, is one of its most notable characteristics

The small PC guarantees a smooth and effective experience whether you’re downloading huge files or performing high-speed backups thanks to its two USB4 ports that support Alt Mode

Concerned about being disturbed by noise? Do not be alarmed. With its Silent Mode, the EM680 Mini PC ensures quieter operation so that users can use it worry-free