New Google Cloud Storage Buckets File System

Applications that are file-oriented and data-intensive are among those with the quickest growth rates on cloud storage workloads

They added hierarchical namespace (HNS) bucket construction to Cloud Storage to optimise operations, resources, and folder organisation

Hadoop/Spark analytics and AI/ML applications that use file-oriented semantics may have consistency and performance issues

An API allows hierarchical namespace storage folder resources, and a new metadata-only operation called “Rename Folder” recursively renames a folder and its contents

Higher initial Cloud Storage buckets queries per second (QPS) are delivered by HNS buckets due to their optimized storage arrangement

Workload processing that is file-oriented, such as high performance computing or batch analytics, is frequently divided into folders that hold a large number of files

For use cases like ML model iteration, using HNS in conjunction with Cloud Storage FUSE for client-level file system access can improve performance and reliability