New in iOS 17.6 Public Beta 2

Apple published the second public beta of iOS 17.6, continuing its iterative and user-focused improvements

This beta lets customers test and provide input on iOS’s latest features while Apple iOS prepares for the final release

This makes sense as it's likely the last major update before iOS 18's September 2024 release iOS 17.6

The Apple TV app’s “Catch Up” feature is the most noteworthy change to iOS 17.6

Sports enthusiasts like this because they can view crucial moments and highlights from live games they stayed up late to watch

The real excitement is likely in iOS 18, as iOS 17.6 is likely merely a polishing upgrade. iOS may evolve

Apple's products have historically emphasised health and wellness, and iOS 18 may add capabilities that maximise the iPhone's potential

The App Store may be redesigned to make it easier to browse categories and identify good apps