New iPad Air 2024 & iPad Pro at Apple’s “Let Loose” Event

This is anticipated to mostly concentrate on software updates for iPads, iPhones, VisionOS, and other devices

OLED panels outperform LED displays in energy efficiency, black depth, and colour brightness

This event is likely to highlight hardware updates, particularly iPads, unlike the June WWDC, which will focus on software upgrades

This move from 10.9 inches gives users a bigger canvas to create immersive experiences without spending a lot

The upcoming iPad Air may have Apple’s strong M2 chipset, an upgrade from the M1 CPU

Apple may for the first time sell OLED iPad Pro models in 11.1- and 13.1-inch sizes, which are comparable to the sizes of tablets in the current generation

Speculation suggests the updated Magic Keyboard will have a larger trackpad and aluminium surface to match Apple’s style