New PostgreSQL 16 Features: Cloud SQL Innovations

Cloud SQL clients may now use PostgreSQL 16, which adds new features for deeper insights into database operations and increased usability

With PostgreSQL16, a new view called pg_stat_io is added, which offers insights into a PostgreSQL database’s input/output (IO) behaviour

The quantity of data that is read or written during the autovacuum or vacuum operation is another thing to watch

The “fillfactor” selected for the table can also be verified using the value in this column

Updates to a table with a BRIN index in PostgreSQL16 are now regarded as HOT since the table’s fillfactor is ideal

A major component of PostgreSQL MVCC is hoover. Table bloat is reduced by hoover, which releases space after removing the dead tuples

The ring buffers allotted for VACUUM and ANALYSE operations can now be changed using the new server option “vacuum_buffer_usage_limit” in PostgreSQL 16, which has a default value of 256K