Nexa AI proposes Octopus V4

The master node of Nexa AI’s proposed language model graph is Octopus-V4-3B, a powerful open-source language model with three billion parameters

This model, created for MMLU benchmark subjects, translates user questions into formats other models can process

Octopus-V4-3B’s accurate mapping of user queries to the specialized model through the use of a functional token design

Octopus V4 doesn’t produce text or code directly, it is essential in guiding user inquiries to the network’s most appropriate AI model

Octopus V4 can restructure your natural language query into a format that is easier for the worker model to comprehend and more formal

It helps you obtain more relevant and accurate results by matching your query to the best AI model

A specialized AI model built on scientific data may be referred to by Octopus V4 in response to your query