Next-Gen Gaming Performance: Nvidia RTX 5090

The GeForce series Blackwell GPUs, which are expected to be released later this year, are reportedly going to provide the “biggest ever” overall performance boost


Nvidia GPU leaker is to be believed, the RTX 5090 will make use of GDDR7 VRAM

The standard can achieve 48 Gbps, however the memory chips will allegedly run at 28 Gbps, exceeding GDDR6X systems that give 24 Gbps

RTX 5090 will have a 512-bit memory bus as well, but it’s important to remember that they have also hinted at the possibility of a narrower 384-bit bus

3DCentre explored GDDR7 capacity options fairly well, with a minimum density of 64Gbit and a maximum capacity of 8GB per chip

It’s safe to assume that the RTX 5090 won’t have a lot of VRAM, and appears to believe that the minimum configuration will remain at 16GB using 2GB modules

Support for the video standard by Nvidia’s upcoming GPUs may indicate the release of a GeForce card with 8K 165Hz output