Nokia-Vivo Epic 5G Patent Partnership

The groundbreaking multi-year 5G patents agreement for the network has been forged between Nokia and Vivo

Vivo has an impressive portfolio of intellectual property (IP), which includes more than 6,000 families of patents that are fundamental to the evolution of 5G Patents

The patent portfolio of the corporation includes an astounding 25,000 families, with a special emphasis on inventions that are fundamental to the 5G standard

which they assert that vivo is now in the top position in terms of patents that are fundamental to the 5G standard

In a statement that highlighted the agreement’s reflection of mutual respect for intellectual property rights, Lukander added that Nokia

Because of Vivo’s aggressive commitment to regulatory bodies as well as Nokia’s long-standing reputation as an electronics pioneer

The deal is more than just a simple patent cross-license, it represents the conclusion of all litigations that have been ongoing between Nokia and vivo in a number of different countries