NPU Monitoring for Ryzen 8040 in New Windows Update!

NPUs (Neural Processing Units), which are available on some Ryzen 8040 Series mobile CPUs, is rising as AI PCs gain popularity

AMD NPU (Neural Processing Unit) enabled Ryzen 8040 Series of mobile CPUs with MCDM (Microsoft Compute Driver Model) infrastructure

A variation of the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), MCDM is intended for computing devices other than GPUs, such the NPU

AMD included an NPU in certain Ryzen 8040 CPUs in order to support suppliers in developing fresh, AI-powered experiences and applications

Task Manager’s integration of NPU monitoring highlights the significance of these devices for computing’s future. There are similarities to 2017, when Task Manager gained GPU monitoring from Microsoft

AMD is assisting AI research on x86 platforms, in part by collaborating with Microsoft to provide the Ryzen 8040 processor line with first support for NPU monitoring