NVIDIA ACE brings digital avatars to life using Generative AI

This article iss a part of the AI Decoded serie, which shows off new RTXPC hardware,  software, tools, and accelerations

Modern generative  be integrated into digital avatars for games and apps by developerAI models  tmayshanks to ACE microservices

Giving an purpose NPC a  and history is the first step in the creation process

Up to four AI models are tapped by NPCs to hear, interpret, produce, and reply to conversation

NVIDIA ACE microservices at GDC and GTC, ranging from sophisticated virtual human nurses to interacting NPCs in games

Inworld AI technology to build two NEO NPCs, Bloom and Iron, each with their own backstory, knowledge base, and distinct conversational style

Task-specific generative AI is making its way into customer service, healthcare, and other industries outside gaming