NVIDIA Adds Digital Twin APIs to Omniverse Cloud

The operating system called Omniverse is used to create and manage digital twins that are physically accurate

Siemens, a leader in automation, digitalization, and sustainability, is implementing Omniverse Cloud APIs in its Siemens Xcelerator Platform with Teamcenter X, the leading cloud-based PLM software

This allows the program to leverage Omniverse RTX rendering inside the app and link design data to NVIDIA generative AI APIs

The 3DEXCITE content creation tools from Dassault Systèmes, a pioneer in virtual environments for sustainable innovation, use Shutterstock 3D AI Services and Omniverse Cloud APIs for generative storytelling

Siemens digital twin technology helps firms worldwide become more competitive, resilient, and sustainable by connecting the physical and digital worlds

Cadence, a leading computational software developer, introduced Omniverse Cloud APIs into its Cadence Reality Digital Twin Platform, allowing enterprises to design, model, and optimize data centers before building them

Leading construction and geographic technology provider Trimble will use APIs to integrate model data with interactive NVIDIA Omniverse RTX viewers