Nvidia BioNeMo to Promote Drug Discovery

Nvidia BioNeMo is a generative AI platform that supports the training and optimisation of biology and chemistry models on private data

With enterprise-grade security and support, the library provides drug discovery, medical imaging, and genomics foundation models

Amgen has trained generative models for protein design using Nvidia BioNeMo and is considering combining it with AWS

Artificial intelligence (AI) and synthetic biology let A-Alpha Bio quantify, predict, and design protein-to-protein interactions.

NIM microservices provide optimised big language models for conversational AI and visual generative AI models for avatars and digital humans

Pre-conditioned AI Models can be applied to a range of activities, including determining possible drug targets, assessing the impact of mutations, and forecasting protein function

DNABERT: This model is useful for analysing and forecasting the function of DNA sequences.

ScBERT: Developed using single-cell RNA sequencing data, this model can identify cell types and predict gene knockdown effects

EquiDock predicts protein interactions' 3D structure, aiding in medicinal discovery