NVIDIA Broadcast App Powers Remote Work and Livestreaming

NVIDIA Broadcast App Boosts Livestreaming and Remote Work. On RTX PCs and workstations, a free programme offers AI-powered features for high-quality audio and video

In the  AI Decoded series, new RTX PC hardware, software, tools, and accelerations are shown to demystify  AI and make it more accessible

One example is the NVIDIA Broadcast App, which effortlessly enhances audio and visual quality utilising Tensor Cores on a local RTX GPU

The x264 software library was used by several livestreamers for software CPU encoding, which frequently affected gameplay quality

The encoding is handled by a specialized hardware video encoder on NVIDIA GPUs, which frees up system resources to concentrate on content and game performance

NVIDIA Broadcast improves audio and video quality using AI for many use scenarios

AI uses a darkening effect on camera images’ corners to create a visual contrast that highlights the video’s centre while also incorporating artistic flare