NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU Powers XR Streaming

Your most demanding projects can be rendered with the next level of cloud GPU performance from NVIDIA L4 GPUs and Google Cloud

Google is pleased to announce today that Immersive Stream for XR, Google Cloud’s solution for hosting, rendering

Google can offer top performance at a lower cost by partnering with Google Cloud once again for its Immersive Stream for XR, now powered by NVIDIA L4 GPUs

All that is required is the configuration of a target buffer of standby available capacity with a range of regional capacities

All service instances can use the new autoscaling feature, which works with either the NVIDIA T4 or NVIDIA L4 GPUs

Use the quickstart guide and choose theNVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU class and 3D-only experience mode to get started

To immediately reduce the cost of your immersive experiences, you can also find out more in this guide about how to enable and configure

Acceleration for visual computing, virtualization, AI, video, and graphics is provided universally and energy-efficiently by the NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU